A Learning Kingdom

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Our Mission

We provide a safe and loving environment for children from the ages of newborn through pre-kindergarten which allows for growth, socialization, and creative learning opportunities. Our goal is to enhance each child's learning experience with an appropriate curriculum targeted toward preparing for kindergarten in a fun atmosphere.


Our littlest members of the Kingdom, we nurture our youngest to be comfortable away from home and make our center a friendly place for them. Their schedule at home becomes their schedule at the center. We offer stimulating visual aids and personal contact with play to help facilitate their transition and growth.


Our toddlers are just developing their abilities to get into everything they want. We like to encourage their natural curiosity while introducing them to the structure of a classroom and friends.


Our middlers are no longer babies and determined to do everything themselves. We like to initiate their comfort t levels in all skills. They are beginning to form friendships and acknowledge their relationship in the classroom. They have a voice and are not afraid to use it.

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Our Pre-school group is thoroughly introduced to the academics of school. The focus of this room is to motivate them to really enjoy the “school” experience and begin their quest for knowledge. These children want to know everything yesterday and they will ask you to explain it. We do our best and always point out the positive in all the adventures of life.


Our Pre-K group of children are the “big kids” of the center. These children are embarking on the world with full force. They know what they like and what they do not. We encourage this group to focus their abilities and really get ready for their next step in their growth academically by reinforcing the fundamentals and refining their skills as well as socially and emotionally readying them for Kindergarten, the “Big School”.

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